Thursday, 7 June 2018

2019 National Handcraft Schedule and Samples

The National Conference had samples on display for next year's competitions categories as follows:

Robert Young Rosebowl/May Martin Trophy                       One entry per Federation
1 Hand embroidered cloth, maximum measurement 50 cm x 35 cm to be worked on cotton fabric; DMC Thread

2 An animal made from at least 3 CD's with embellishments

3 Doll: quilters‘ or sewers’ friend; to be made by member, maximum height to be 69 cm with embellishments

Robert Young Cup                                                                One entry per institute
A  quillow, to be patchworked on one side. Maximum measurements to be 110 cm x 170 cm; pocket to be 50 cm square.

Summer Show Cup                                                    Individual – one entry per member
Twiddle cushion: knitted , crocheted or sewn to measure 40 cm x 40 cm with embellishments. To be filled.  

Silver Tray                                                                     Individual – one entry per member    
Stump work: Picture with flowers to include a bee or butterfly, 3 different techniques to be used; to be framed    NO GLASS

Quilling on a canvas block to be no larger than 31 cm x 25 cm, embellishments allowed 

Edna Way Cup                                        Individual – one entry, must be 80 years or over
A box to be made of card by member; to measure 10 cm x 10cm x 5cm and decorated for a birthday.

Rissington C.W.I Diamond Jubilee Trophy/ Photography-   Individual – 1 entry per member
Coloured photo: Sunset 7” x 5” - landscape orientation, foreground allowed; to be mounted on card, not framed, card not judged, photo to be taken by member between June 2018 to April 2019

Members 18 years and under                                       Individual- one entry per member
Button picture on a canvas block of a butterfly, embellishments allowed. Canvas to be no bigger than 210 mm x 297 mm

Woolcraft                                                                         Individual- one entry per member
Ladies knitted or crocheted buttoned sleeveless vest 8 ply yarn to be at least 50% wool sample of wool 
and label to be attached.

Ashford Trophy              May be the work of 2 members from the same institute - each member can only be part of one entry
A child’s jumper, round neck, drop shoulder, stocking stitch, to fit chest 61cm to 71cm.
Yarn from natural fleece or fibre 100% homespun by a member, may be dyed, sample of wool attached.

Monday, 28 May 2018

2018 National AGM/Conference

We were lucky enough to have the 2018 Conference at the Hutt City Baptist Church  - 
the staff took wonderful care of all 400 of us 

We were entertained by Hutt Valley High School's awesome production of 'We'll Meet Again', and by the beautiful singing of the Wellington City Chorus, an all female 60 strong barbershop style a capella group

Some of the entries in the National Handcraft Competitions

Another competition: drama, 'A One Act Play'
(apologies for the quality of the photos, bit far away from the stage)

Central Hawke's Bay Federation was represented among the four finalists 😃

Even the National Executive Committee got in on the act, presenting ideas 
for the first 'Women's Institute Awareness Week' to be held in October

It was inspiring to hear how South Auckland Federation has started three new WIs - and the challenge has been taken up around the country, with eleven pledges to take up the generous offer of SAF's starter kits and support

A great way to finish - with good food and good friends!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Taking care of people ❤️

The Takapau community has an amazing resource in their local Health Centre, staffed by dedicated hard working nurses. To mark International Nurses Day, Otawhao-Takapau WI's May roll call was for special coffees, chocolate biscuits, fruit etc, making a basket full of treats which was presented as a thank you for the great job they do ❤️

Waipawa-Tikokino WI took care of their fellow WI members by catering lunch for the Wairoa-Poverty Bay and 
Northern & Hawke's Bay ladies travelling though to the National Conference in Lower Hutt

Three different soups on offer - just as well, as the day was a cold one!

Plenty of sandwiches, slices, fruit, and hot savouries too

And an hour later they were on their way again! ❤️

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Community, Two Ways

Knitting is a wonderful way to help support the community

Some of the many pairs of wrist warmers that have been donated to 
the Hawke's Bay Hospital Oncology Unit

The Special Care Baby Unit is another popular destination

CHB Federation had a stall at the annual Community Services Day

Hmmm... wouldn't mind winning that raffle!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

CHB Federation AGM 2018

A beautiful start to the day of the Annual General Meeting

Some lovely silverwear up for grabs!

Easter Biscuits for the cooking category

Three blooms, distinct

Child's sized slippers, to be donated

We were honoured to have our lovely National President presenting the awards

We also had some wonderful guest speakers, including one amazingly talented crafter

And the pile of children's slippers that will be keeping lots of feet warm this winter!

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Founders Day 2018

This year it was CHB Federation's turn again to host Northern & Hawke's Bay and Poverty Bay-Wairoa Federations 
to mark 97 years since Women's Institute started in New Zealand

The raffle - worth winning for the basket alone!

There was a guided tour of the Ongaonga historic village by one of the local characters - 
who just happens to be a WI member 😉

The tour was followed by entertainment, some of it in-house and hilarious 😄

The day was rounded off with a splendid dinner, giving plenty of time to catch up with friends