Tuesday, 25 November 2014

CHB Federation Christmas Party

In contrast to most of this spring, the weather turned out beautiful and warm for the CHB Federation Christmas Party. Like Waipawa WI's 89th birthday, it was held at Hatuma Cafe, Waipukurau. The food was delicious, and the company great!

Unfortunately, the person responsible for this blog forgot to take her camera, hence only three rather fuzzy iPhone photos for this post

One of the many lovely gifts that were brought along to exchange. With the budget limited to $5, WI ladies were proven to be canny shoppers! And great cooks too with the yummy homemade presents.

We also had a rolling raffle (where tickets are drawn until all the goodies are gone), the basket above took us some time to get through. A very enjoyable occasion to conclude the Federation year. Posts on the individual WI Christmas parties still to come!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Central Hawke's Bay A&P Show

CHB Federation runs the Baking and Homecraft section of the local A&P Show each November. 
This section was very well supported this year, with lots of delicious and beautiful entries.

"Jar of Preserved Bottled Fruit" with a very well presented winner

"Jar of Jam (Any Fruit)" had traditional as well as more unusual fruit used, with the winner being a very tasty banana conserve

The "Edible Item Using Lemons" category had a large variety of entries, making judging a pleasantly difficult task

The entries which received a "Very Highly Commended" varied: 
preserved Moroccan lemons, an iced cake, lemon cordial, shortcake, a loaf and lemon honey

The entry which received first prize may look quite unassuming, but is the most scrumptious lemon slice!

As if that wasn't enough deliciousness for the judges to cope with, the Baking Section's item was "Iced Chocolate Cake"

Some cakes were delightful to eat, some delightful to look at, 
and the ones that managed to combine the two won the prizes

Unfortunately the camera was at home before the judges did their work
(cakes have to be cut in half in order to judge whether the texture is consistent)

The Open Craft Section: "Decorated Hat" - all the entries of which happened to be done by children

There were also plenty of entries in the sections specifically for children, with several of the local schools joining in

"3x Decorated Cup Cakes"

"Decorated Wooden Spoon"

Many thanks to CHB A&P Show Secretary Julia for all her hard work in (amongst other things) 
organising the prizes for the Baking and Homecraft Competitions

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

But wait, there's more... flowers!

Waipawa WI holds three flower shows every year, and in November it is the Rose and Sweet Pea Flower Show. There were also the usual monthly categories, and plenty of blooms to enter.

The "Single Bloom" category, with the craft below: "Scarf, any medium"

"Spike/Cluster", with the cooking this month being a jar of jam

The "Shrub" category - some of the potential entrants of which would have been entered in the flower show instead

The Floral theme was a small "Get Well Soon"

The winning entry (cleverly arranged in a sardine tin!)

On to the flower show, and one of the categories was a "Rose in three stages"
(The cards indicate the placings: red is first, blue second, and yellow third)

"Three stems of sweet peas", the smell was divine!
(Unfortunately I omitted taking a photo of the sweet pea arrangements)


"Three pansies in a saucer"

"Three stem of miniature roses"

And the gorgeous Champion Bloom...

Friday, 7 November 2014

Judging at the Norsewood Flower Show

Central Hawke's Bay Federation was asked to provide judges for a community event, the annual Norsewood Flower Show.

We were only too happy to oblige!

With plenty of categories to enter there was a great turn out, especially in the Rhododendron section.

Although judging was not always an easy task, it was nevertheless very enjoyable with some beautiful specimens on display

Norsewood Primary School has a big part in the show, with a number of children's categories to enter. These included "Natural Animal" sculptures made with found bits of nature, charcoal drawings with the theme "Settlers", and flower jars and saucers. There was a pre-school section as well.

The coveted prizes...

                    Thank you to Heather and her team for inviting CHB Federation to judge at the show, and for your generous gifts and delicious lunch at Cafe Norsewood!