Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Festival and Festivities

The Waipawa Spring Festival (aka 'Duck Day') saw CHB Federation out in the community again, manning a stall with all the generous donations from members to sell. Home baking is always popular!

The aprons were eye catching, prompting one child to exclaim "I know you, you came to our school!'

A few days later Waipawa WI celebrated its 91st birthday with a pot-luck lunch, yummy as always

The iris is Waipawa WI's emblem

Spring has sprung, and the floral competitions were well supported

The floral design brief was 'One Colour (Plus Green)'

After lunch a variety of table top games were played, the sales table was opened, a raffle with multiple draws was held, and the roll call of 'A Brooch with a Story' brought forth many interesting anecdotes

The festivities were rounded off with a cuppa - and some delicious birthday cake!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Federation Social Day

Our biennial meeting has undergone another transformation, now known as the Federation Social Day. We met at the wonderful Ongaonga Hall, and enjoyed chatting over some delicious food for teas and lunch. We were very fortunate to be granted the privilege by ITV (UK) to show some episodes of the TV series Home Fires, which was very close to home and immensely enjoyed by all

The floral design competition's brief was "Ikebana Inspired"

One of the craft competitions looked ahead to the 2017 National Handcraft Competitions: a stitched Christmas card

The other craft competition was "Something New From Something Old" - this beautifully done nightie was made from an old sheet, and took out most outstanding exhibit

The second floral category was Three Flowering Shrubs - Distinct

The prizes awaiting awarding

At the end of the day we braved the changeable spring weather to dedicate 
the 95 years of Women's Institute in New Zealand commemorative seat

The dedication written and performed by our own Reverend member:

Welcome, and thank you for the privilege of being with you here today to remember and commemorate 95 years of Women's Institute in New Zealand, and to dedicate this seat at the Ongaonga Museum grounds.

All of us here have gained something special over the years from WI, and as we remember with love those women who met and established the movement 95 years ago, bringing women together to share their interests of homemaking, crafts, gardening and more importantly, long lasting friendships, we give thanks.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the young and not so young members today is wonderful, and for many of you, as in years gone by, WI has been a cornerstone in the social calendar.

WI has never lost the touch of bringing women together.

It is now my pleasure to dedicate and bless this seat, to remember those who have gone before, and for those who sit here and reflect on the blessings of the CHB Federation of Women's Institute for commemorating the past 95 years, may we look to WI continuing bringing women together, and may God's peace and love be with you all.