Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Upcycling Magic

Waipawa-Tikokino WI had a fabulous guest speaker at their March meeting: 
a member's daughter who is a whizz at upcycling 'rubbish'

Everything is made from op shop items, bits of discarded wood, old baking tins, empty wine and spirit bottles, 
old picture frames, even a dismantled wooden cot

Pictures and signs are from serviettes or printed on plain paper off the computer, 
and decoupaged on with a mix using $2 Shop glue

We were shown the process of making a 'cracked bottle

And also shown how to think outside the square - what could you make with the wooden spindles and lampshades?

A couple of angels!

It is easy and very affordable to make personalised gifts this way, here's one beautifully suited to WI...


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